Dinosaur Facts

Below are some dinosaur facts that we thought you would enjoy:

A Velociraptor was less the 40 inches tall  but very ferocious.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 160 million years. Humans have only been on Earth for 4-5 million years.

The scientific name for dinosaur poo is Coprolite. A Tyrannosaurus Rex poo could be about 40 inches long.

One Brachiosaurus weighs the same as 17 elephants.

The horns of  a Triceratops were almost as tall as an adult human.

The teeth of Tryrannosaurus Rex could be 8 inches long.

Some of the fastest running Dinosaurs were the Coelphysis. Scientists believed they could reach speeds up to 30 mile per hour.

A new Dinosaur is discovered o average every four weeks.  4 out of 5  are found by chance during amateur digs.

The Brachiosaurus was 39 feet tall.

The Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut. 3cm long.

One of the smallest dinosaurs has the longest name – Micropachycephalosaurus.

Over 700 different species of Dinosaurs have been identified and named.

The plant-eating Hadrosaurs or the “Duck-Billed Dinosaur” has about 960 teeth.

The Argentinosaurus was one of the heaviest Dinosaurs weighing 100 tons.

What is a Dinosaur: Dinosaurs were a specific group of animals that lived on land. They did no fly or live in the sea. Unlike other reptiles, the Dinosaur stood with it’s legs directly under them. Each one with its own characteristics and unique features.

Dinosaurs lived during what is known as the Mesozaic Era, the “ Age of the Reptiles.”

Other mammals lived at the same time as the Dinosaurs. Most would live high up in the trees to stay out of harm.

The name of the smallest Dinosaur which was about the size of a chicken is Lesothosaurus.

The longest Dinosaurs were Saurpods; Seisosaurus measuring 165 feet.

The word Dinosaur mean Terrible Lizard. The English Paleontologist, Richard Owen, gave the species the Greek name in 1842, feeling the word Dinosaur made you think of the impressive size.

Dinosaurs laid eggs the size of footballs.

Velociraptors could run up to 40 miles per hour. That is as fast as a racehorse.

Most Dinosaurs were vegetarians.  It is a fact of nature that the meat-eating predators are out numbered by the plant eating animals they prey on.

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